The Komfort magazine has been established in 2008 by the homonymous
civic association. The magazine aims to establish a – much needed in the
Czech Republic – functional platform for young designers, photographers,
illustrators, painters and publicists. We publish works that would often not
be seen outside of school exhibitions, we are looking for new art trends.

The goal of the project is to allow these authors to break out of the
ghettos of their individual art disciplines and to offer an attractive and
informed synthesis of current happenings in Czech visual culture in
the age of disappearing inter-disciplinary barriers. Komfort tries to encompass
this into a new and unusual form with a wide overlap of a broad spectrum
of interest. The aim of the publishers is not to create a catalogue of current
events in the art scene, but to create a magazine with an attitude – sometimes
ironic hyperbole – commentary, combinations of heterogenous content, all
with the aim of providing the reader with an added experience when
browsing through the pages of the magazine.

We also consider this genre permeability as a good opportunity to connect
with audiences with an interest in current urban culture, which is why Komfort
is distributed not only in art galleries, but also in stores with alternative music
or with original fashion and design.