Bodyfit / 05

Komfort bodyfi t. Close fi tting and precise, as fi tting questions
sometimes tend to be. Try it for yourself, with all its sweatiness,
bodily anomalies, carnality and seductiveness. Everyone who has
a body will be able to relate to it! But also those who haven‘t – for them,
we have a well-fi tting urn. Enjoy your physicality. With Komfort…

The purge – Martin Kubát
You don’t eat polar bear liver that often – Pavel Turek
No title – Ivan Pinkava
Heads up – Marek Novotný
Wallachian stallion – Jan Vytiska
White, not white – Yulia Yakushová
104 °F – Michal Adamovský
Happy till the end – Veronika Vlková
Disco obscura – Viktor Tuček
Body to body – Martín López Lam
Alone – Irana Douer
I won’t go out today – Johana Švarcová
Egos from the planet Lovetron – Aran
Unique – Romana Drdová
Urna – Prokop Bartoníček

Released in December 2010

Number of pages: 144