To Barber's / 01

Komfort to the barbers‘. Just don‘t expect fancy curls and shampoos,
this is razor work. We have the wolf man and ALOPECIA. We look
upon the barber as a key fi gure in a community: a source of gossip,
a therapeutist, stylist, and a warrior against chaos.

Stand on one leg for 76 hours and 41 minutes – Adéla Svobodová
Polaroids – Pavla Kopečná
London fringe – Pavel Turek
Elbow, mun? – Bourek
Mikado – Johana Pošová
Adam Holý & Michaela Kukovičová
Travesty – Tereza Klimovičová
Heads – Radim Hanke
Balakryl colour –
Ribanna – Petra Steinerová
A journ-E-y to the Sun – Petr Krejzek
Collaborators – Svatopluk Sova
Nanoru live from NYC
On a whirling chair – Salim Issa
The Barber of Philly – Dušan Tománek
Woods of hair or rather windbreak woods – Irena Hejdová
How to learn to write a book – P. Krejzek
97683 – Robert V. Novák
Tim Burton and hair culture : from the misfit to the sociopath – Jan Rylich
Hairdressing – Lucie Lišková

Released in December 2008

Number of pages: 96