No Fantasy / 08

Have we got the guts to say that what we bring in this issue
of our art magazine is no longer a work of fantasy? That it’s without
fantasy even? Probably. Komfort isn’t a dream anymore, it’s a dream
fulfilled. After four years in existence, we consider its contents and its
existence itself as reality. The eight issue of Komfort will be, like the last
one, a “double” graphic issue with an inserted text booklet… and with
a poster thrown in! Getting fatter proved to be good for us,
so we’re sticking with it.

Adam Holý – Heroine
Michaela Kukovičová – All paths
Lucia Dovičáková – I won’t be your perfect wife
Johana Pošová – Two moons
Světlana Fialová – XOXO
Illah van Oijen – East coast of europe
Jarmila Mitríková & Dávid Demjanovič – Five soldering irons per person
Ondřej Zita & Michal Sloboda – Trend list

Attachment I.:
Darina Zavadilová – I won’t be your perfect wife
Petr Pištěk – Space For Us
Kateřina Písačková – Mitríková & Demjanovič
Radek Sidun – I’m trendy? So what?!
Karel Veselý – A Machine Called Hype
Ondřej Formánek & Luděk Staněk – Shake hands for Berserk
Jakub Kaifosz – An hour passed…

Attachment II.:
XOXO posters

Released in November 2012

Number of pages: 224